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angle-left Discover the program of the 2018 edition
Discover the program of the 2018 edition

Discover the program of the 2018 edition

Published on 21 November 2018

Following on from what was initiated in 2017, Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas, will offer several universes with their own specificity, atmosphere and program. Everyone will thus be able to find, at Christmas time, an event, a place, an activity that suits them. These universes will be deployed across the city thanks to 3 very special Christmas trees, like 3 totems: the unmissable Great Christmas Tree of Place Kléber, but also a participative tree located on Place du Marché Gayot and an alternative tree on Place Grimmeisen.

Among the new features of this edition, light will be put forward but in a different form with the "Promenade of stars at the docks". The renovated "Quai des Bateliers" allows a walk offering a new perspective on the city. On the occasion of Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas, it will be enhanced by an illuminated decoration on the theme of stars. You will find it in warm tones from yellow to gold, punctuating the docks along their entire length from Saint Nicolas to Saint Guillaume, as well as Place du Vieux Marché aux Poissons and Place du Corbeau.

This year, let's get emotional with "The People of Strasbourg Sing Christmas" and the return of Christmas choirs in the city. Several small concerts will be given to share intimate and friendly moments, where modern compositions will alternate with traditional songs. Every Saturday and Sunday, from 3pm to 5pm, all over Strasbourg, you will be able to live moments of emotion to sing the Christmas spirit.

The Nativity Scene Tour will allow you to rediscover the tradition of the nativity scene. Made of wood, alive or handcrafted, you will admire some of them in the courtyard of the Palais Épiscopal, opened for the first time to the public (the entrance is via Rue du Parchemin, at the end of Rue des Juifs), Rue Brulée, in Strasbourg Cathedral, in the windows of the shops on Rue des Juifs or in the courtyard of the Palais Rohan.

Finally, you will enjoy a family moment at "The Christmas Break". Place du Marché Gayot, stay a few moments to play, create, discuss or simply dream. The most skillful will take on the role of decorator of the Christmas tree that takes center stage in this secret setting. Every evening, at nightfall, be present for its lighting. Place Mathias Mérian, just a short walk away, enjoy an enchanting atmosphere and discover a space where you can attend magical shows with your family. There, you will listen to wonderful stories and get carried away by Christmas tales.

There is no doubt that all the ingredients will be brought together again to make this event a great success!


Download the program of Strasbourg, Capital of Christmas 2018 (PDF - 6.7MB)