Getting to Strasbourg

Getting to Strasbourg

By train:

Regular daily direct connections from Paris and major cities in France (more than 20 Paris-Strasbourg round trips daily)

You can reach the Cathedral in about 15 minutes by foot from the Strasbourg train station. From the train station, the city center is at your feet.

By plane

Strasbourg-Entzheim international airport is just 10 km away from the city centre. If driving there, take the A35 motorway, come off at exit 8.

There are also up to 4 shuttle trains an hour linking the airport to Strasbourg train station, with a journey time of 9 minutes.

Infos:Aéroport International


By car

If driving to the city centre, we strongly recommend you use either a Park & Ride. All car parks in the city center are closed.

For more information about parking facilities, check the page Parking and getting around in Strasbourg.

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